The Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated individuals and professionals who lend their expertise to ensure the continued growth and success of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center. The function of the Board is to promote the Center’s mission: to preserve, protect and promote fly fishing. As governing body, they act as advisors, provide financial support and are ambassadors for the organization.

Officers & Executive Committee

President: Kelly E. Buchta

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Grant Jones

Secretary: Pam Mingle


Executive Board: Joe Fox, Ross Francis, Bill Van Gieson




George "Tres" Arnett

Howard Braunstein

Jed Dempsey

Denis Fay II

Joe Fox

Ross Francis

Jean Gobillot

Jennifer Grimes

Phil Horowitz

Jim Hynes

Jill Joyce

Randy Lewis

Teddy Patlen

Frank Payne

John Shaner

Tom Smithwick

Miriam Stone

Len Tobler

Tony Ritter

Bill Van Gieson



Andy Boyar

Dave Brandt

Terry Shultz

Joan Wulff