The Golden Hook Award It was his wish to recognize a living fly tyer who has made a current contribution to the continuance of the art and craft of fly tying. Before his unexpected death in November 2004, the most recognized fly tyer in the world, Poul Jorgensen, was working on a new award for innovations in fly tying called The Golden Hook Award. It was his wish to recognize a living fly tyer who has made a current contribution to the continuance of the art and craft of fly tying. Poul made it clear that it was not to be a fly tying competition or to recognize historical contributions; “the award was to go to someone in the present who is keeping fly tying alive and growing”.  Criteria to be considered are tying innovations, creating fresh techniques that will aid future tyers, developing new materials or tools, publications, and creating instruction and teaching activities. Poul worked with noted sculptor Bud Wertheim to create a bronze medallion to be awarded to each recipient. As with many artists, there were difficulties on reaching an agreement on design and interpretation. Although commissioned by Jorgensen, Poul died before the medals were approved. Bud Wertheim, determined to keep the project alive, reviewed some sketches he made of Poul and redesigned the medallions to include Poul’s image on the front.   This was something Poul clearly did not want and was discussed in initial meetings. The likeness was   approved by Jim Krul, executive director of the CFFCM and a close personal friend of Poul’s, who said, “It’s extremely accurate with a sense of his humor and wit”. It was in 2006 that the project was completed and funded by Wertheim as a lasting memorial to Poul and renamed The Poul Jorgensen Golden Hook Award. Previous recipients of the award are: David Klausmeyer 2006, Dick Talleur 2007 and Ted Patlen 2010.

The Catskill Cups  This contest was created by Hardy USA and CFFCM  to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of the. Hardy C.C. de France Fly Rod   by Hardy Bros. Ltd.  Now with changes to the Hardy Company it has evolved into the Catskill Cup encompassing three competitions.  The Cortland Cup for graphite rods, the Hardy Cup for bamboo rods and a Women’s Bamboo Casting Challenge.

Lee Wulff Conservation Award Established by Joan Wulff in 2003, the Lee Wulff Conservation Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the preservation of wild game-fish and their habitat through protection of the waters, catch and release, and/or education programs for youngsters. Previous recipients of the award are: Philip Chase 2003, Gardner Grant 2004, Steven Sloan 2005, Robert Boyle 2007, John Waldron 2014.

Demarest Rod Challenge Named for Harold and Eileen Demarest, premier cane importers and supporters of the rodmaking community.  Each contestant builds a rod to specific standards that are defined yearly by the Gathering Coordinator. It began with Harold and Eileen Demarest are the sponsors of the Bamboo Rodmaking Challenge in partnership with the Cortland Line Company as sponsors of the Bamboo Fly Rod Casting Challenge.  Now it is in honor of the Demarest’s support to rodmakers and their contribution to the art of bamboo rod making. Each year the Challenge is to build a Bamboo Fly Rod that has a specific weight requirements for a specific line size.  The Casting Challenge for the makers is to build a rod that casters are can quickly get the feel for and are able to cast it the furthest. Qualifications determine the best 5 Bamboo Fly Rods created for this competition and also determine the 5 best Casters for the Finals on Sunday. In the finals on Sundays each Caster will be given 5 casts with each final Bamboo Fly Rod with 3 longest casts counting for both the Caster and the Bamboo Fly Rod. The Caster and Bamboo Fly Rod with the longest cumulative distance cast in the finals will the winners of the Challenges. Special Bronze Medallions and prizes will be awarded to the winners. The Bronze Medallions were created by world famous sculptor and Livingston Manor resident Bud Wertheim who also created the Poul Jorgenson Bronze Medallion for the Golden Hook award that is also presented by the CFFCMM.

Rodmakers Gallery Established in 2004, this gallery annually honors those individuals whose actions and deeds over a period of time have significantly contributted to the advancement of the craft of bamboo Rodmaking.  It is these individuals who have made it possible for people today to take up and pursue the craft following in their footsteps.  This Gallery is not just for famous rodmakers but for those who love the craft and share their knowledge.  This Gallery will also serve to let the new rodmaker know who has come before them in this great tradition. George Barnes – 2004, John Bokstrom – 2004, Paul Dahlie – 2004, Harold & Eileen Demarest – 2004, Bill Fink – 2004, Hoagy Bix Carmichael – 2005, Everett Garrison – 2005, Edwin Walter Hartzell, Jr. – 2005, Edwin John “Ted” Knott – 2005, Dawn Holbrook – 2006